Photos: SomeKindaWonderful at Yahoo HQ

One of my favorite things about working for large, media-focused company like Yahoo is that from time to time they bring in bands to play for us. In the last year or two we've been serenaded by up-and-coming artists including Capital Cities, Twenty One PilotsThe Mowglis, Hunter Hunted, and Oh Honey. (Years ago, I got my feet wet shooting live music with none other than Taylor Swift, who performed an intimate lunchtime set outside our cafeteria. That's a blog post for another day, however...)

This time around we were treated to a Friday afternoon performance by the band SomeKindaWonderful. And as always, I brought along my camera to get a few shots. I was especially excited for this one because it was the first concert held on a new permanent stage built inside the main cafeteria on campus, and that means professional-quality lighting and a better backdrop to shoot against!