According to your favorite search engine, Steve Carlson is either a composer and pop musician out of Los Angeles (who has great hair), a soap-opera actor who appeared in the final episode of Seinfeld, an ice hockey player who starred in the classic 1977 comedy “Slap Shot”, or a guy who was running for Congress somewhere in Minnesota a few years ago.

I’m none of those people. (I certainly don’t have great hair.)

Rather, I’m a freelance photographer residing in the San Francisco Bay Area who has a passion for live music and photography.

My passion for music began in the mid-90’s when I offered to build a web site for an unknown, up-and-coming pop-rock band who was just about to release their debut album. They went on to sell a few million records, and I took a crash course in the workings of the music industry while building and managing their online presence. After school I moved west to Silicon Valley to start a career outside of the music industry.

My passion for photography began a few years later when I borrowed a Nikon D100 from a very trusting friend. Before long I had my own equipment, and began teaching myself the fundamentals of photography.

Thanks to my earlier experiences with the music industry and an insatiable appetite for new music, I’ve developed an interest in using photography to capture the energy and passion of live music, with a particular soft spot for artists that are up-and-coming and in need of greater publicity.

My day job is with Yahoo, where I’ve had the pleasure of building some of the world’s most popular web sites.

I'm available for assignments and short-term touring opportunities, and you can contact me here