A New Year, A New Site

Out with the old, in with the new.

I've had a desire for some time to revamp my portfolio site, and there's nothing quite like the end of a year (and especially a couple of weeks off from work) to motivate one to finally make things happen.  So here we are, a new web site for a new year.

I'm especially excited to start this blog, my first in quite a few years. I have all sorts of ideas of things to write about related to photography, and specifically music photography. I hope to bring a perspective that's fresh and unique as someone who doesn't pretend to know everything, but is just figuring things out one show at a time. I am and always will be a student first and foremost.

But let's be honest. Having a blog is a little like having a pet, isn't it?  It's fun at first, and after awhile it can become a burden. It demands your attention. It must be fed constantly; you can easily start to neglect it. You have other things to do, places to go, shows to shoot... and the next thing you know you've forgotten it's there. It starts to look a little tired and old. People start to notice and ask questions.  

My last attempt at blogging ended this way. This time around, I hope to do better. (No promises on frequency though - this is, after all, not my day job!)

So here we go, the first post of a new blog in a new year. I hope you will enjoy it.

Twenty One Pilots