Here's to the Roadies

Here's to the roadies, those nameless, black-clad wizards of musical tech lurking in the shadows who make all these shows happen night after night after night.  

The Kills

I've come to realize over the years that I have a certain interest in taking photos of the stage before and sometimes after shows.  Inevitably, a roadie will make his or her way into one of my photos, and sometimes I think it makes the photo so much better.  

World Enders

My goal for the coming year will be to intentionally capture more roadies at work in my photos.  They're the unsung heroes of the concert industry, putting incredible hours in every day for months and years on end to make their artists look and sound their absolute best.  We are deliberately not supposed to notice them (there's a reason they always wear black!) but without them everything would fall apart.  I'm going to try and draw more attention to them in my own little way, either here on this blog or on my other social media channels.

Here's to the roadies.

Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls
The National